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SEI Industries

SEI Industries Stilwell Flyer - SWF1113

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The Stilwell Flyer is a 132 gallon portable water container that is transportable by helicopter with long line delivery. It is effective in remote areas, on either steep or sloped terrain. It is constructed of durable, rugged, flexible fabric that is mold- and mildew-resistant. Most notably, the innovative tetrahedron shape of the Stilwell eliminates twisting and residual bounce in flight.

Design Features

• Constructed of hardy, heavy-duty flexible fabric that is mold- and mildew-resistant;

• Includes one each fill and drain ports for quick filling and discharge;

• Its compact design makes it easy to clean and repair and aids speedy storage;

• Fabric options are available for use with potable water (drinking water) or standard water (not for human consumption);

• Comes with 4” (98 mm) filler cap and ¾” (19 mm) discharge hose with ball valve shut-off; and

• Inexpensive, durable and safe for transport by helicopter.